My Professional Stories


Statistics ā€“ SAS, Hadoop and other big data analysis tools.

Algorithms ā€“ Java programming algorithms for faster data processing.


Developed a non-invasive measurement of brain activity for psychophysics evaluation using pupil size.


Injecting solutions with glass micropipette is challenging due to the small volume (<10 microlitters). So I found a beveled modification of the micropipette tip for proper injection.

Risk management

Balanced the financial resources needed for a project with great reward by making sure the solution is plausible first.


Continuously developed the micropipette injecting system despite repeated failures, but eventually successful.


Working with a team of electrical engineers, mathematicians, and biologist, I was able to communicate my biological findings to formulate a model for the mathematicians to test and develop a device with the engineers for animal implantation.


As a postdoc, I trained 2 graduate students for performing animal surgeries and brain activity recording. I encouraged them to independently carry out the experiment so they have a much better understanding of our research.


I was willing to change shifts on weekends with graduate students and technicians so they can see family and be able to take vacations.


In everyday conversations, I seek people's interests so I could share similar interests in developing a personal relationships with them.


As the lab manager, I carefully plan who is doing which experiment and what outcome they have at this moment for maximum production of the lab.


Replaced a problematic stimulator with an older model that resulted in permanent replacement of the unit.


I evaluate the importance of my current work and compare it against other high impact publications and see how important is my work.


I delegate specific piece of the project to skilled students in that specific area resulted in faster publication time.


Only used 1/3 of the results from all experiments by comparing to the quality of world class laboratories.


Continuously improved viral vector deliver method until we were able to flawlessly delivered it into a live animal.


Even after I learned another lab was working on a similar idea, I was able to find an alternative approach that improve the understanding of the field using methods the other lab does not have.

Technical literacy

I volunteered in Brain Fair for young kids and community outreach events for spinal cord injured patients to effectively explained my research.

Style flexibility

Be able to explain my research to peer researchers, fund raising staff, spinal cord injured patients and young kids.

Emotional intelligence

Iā€™m able to keep cool even when experiments are not working well and when professors challenge my results during thesis defense.

Social intelligence

When the administrator conduct personnel reviewed during the 2008 economic crisis, I was able to demonstrate how my research is important in pursuing a cure for spinal cord injury.