Data Scientist/Neuroscientist


I'm a neuroscientist by training and a data scientist by heart.

Computer Skills

Statstical Learning
Python and R
C++ and Java
Hadoop & Hive


BS - Florida State University - Biological Sciences
PhD - University of Miami - Neuroscience
Postdoc - Columbia University - Biomedical Engineering

Business qualifications

Strategic - Successfully obtained a PhD despite the enormous pressure to acquire a profitable job so I can be more successful later in life

Structure - Manages a research lab to schedule experiments among 4 students, keep everybody updated with safety and profession regulations, order supplies and negotiate research equipment.

Development - Trained 3 PhD students to graduate and obtain Postdoc positions, 2 MD students to perform rodent surgeries and obtain Neurosurgery residency, and 1 underprivileged college student to graduate.

Social qualifications

Adaptive - I moved from China to US and now my English is indistinguishable from a native speaker.

Collaborative - I worked with electronic engineers and Mathematic modelers to use pupil dilation patterns for measuring brain activity.

Communication - I volunteered at children's Brain Fair and taught high school students about brain and spinal cord injury. Participated in community outreach events to educate spinal cord injured patients about current development on medication and treatments.

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